Roll of Honour


What are we celebrating?


GBBA are proud to celebrate those people who have contributed over 50 years or more to the brass band movement. Here, we record those who have been awarded for their years of service, giving back to the movement the support and enthusiasm for brass band music that they themselves had experienced.

What is the award?


GBBA present a certificate and badge of recognition for 50 years or more service to the brass band movement, which includes participating in any activity associated with brass bands. For example, those who have won awards have played, conducted, and organised events for brass bands throughout their lives. 



Frank Fidler​

David Watson


Tom Fryer


Pat Etherton


Mike James

How do you apply for an award?


You can nominate yourself for an award or someone else. Please contact GBBA Secretary Karin naming the person being nominated, their relationship to GBBA member band/s (current and/or past band membership should be included), and describe what they have done for the brass band movement. Don't forget to include your (nominator) and the person being nominated (nominee) contact details so we can get in touch!

If you nominate someone else in secret and wish to surprise them with their award, please let us know an appropriate time, date, and location to make the presentation. A GBBA committee member will then arrange to present the Certificate at a venue of your choice. In the past, GBBA have presented the award at a band engagement, rehearsal, or workshop.


Frank Fidler

Awarded in September 2020 in Frank's memory and his service to brass bands

Forest of Dean Brass

David Watson

Awarded in January 2020 for 75 years service

Pheonix Brass Band

Watch a performance by Pheonix Brass Band dedicated to David here.

David Watson was born in Dovercourt a suburb of Harwich in Essex to a musical family. His grandfather played the cello and euphonium for a small Royal Marines band, while his mother was a songster with the Harwich Salvation Army. David Watson’s full-time involvement in Brass Bands began 75 years ago at the age of seven when he played cornet in the Harwich Salvation Army Band. At fifteen, he had to stop playing following an operation and moved to percussion instruments and then the drums. David later resumed playing the cornet with the Grange Brass Band where he learnt about conducting and band management. The Grange Brass Band became the Harwich Concert Band of which he became band secretary for 15 years. David moved to Kennet Vale Band on cornet but soon became the conductor of the youth band, and later became Musical Director of a re-formed Hungerford Town Band, working hard to ensure its survival. David started a learners' course and raised enough money to buy instruments and a library of music. But then, David decided to do it all over again and started a completely new brass band, with no music, no instruments, and no money! In 1993 he helped form Phoenix Brass, at the same time becoming its first Musical Director. Thank you David for a life in music, teaching, and service!

Barbara Morgan

Awarded in December 2019 for 50 years service

Lydbrook Band

Lyndon Baglin BEM

Awarded in December 2019 for 70 years service

Lydbrook Band

Lyndon started playing with Lydbrook Band in 1949 and it was fitting that he was back with Lydbrook to celebrate this landmark achievement. The presentation was made to Lyndon by his son Stuart who joined with the band in concert for this very special occasion.

Dave Wintle

Awarded in October 2019 for 70 years service

Lydney Town Band

Nigel Morgan

Awarded in June 2019 for 50 years service
Tewkesbury Town Band

Nigel began his playing with Coleford Band, following his brothers Richard and Nicholas, later joined by their Father. Nigel played his first contest at the age of 10. Over his playing career he played tenor horn, euphonium, Eb bass, and his favourite chair, 2nd Baritone. Nigel was a member of and Treasurer to the Forest of Dean Young People's Band. Nigel joined Lydbrook Band in the late 1960s until 1990, during which he rose through the sections and held roles as Chairman and Treasurer. In 1997, Nigel took up the baton at Tewkesbury Town Band, building the band up across 22 years from 15 players to a thriving band. In 2015, Nigel's commitment to the Band was recognised by the Town Council with a prestigious Community Service Award.
In addition to his involvement with local bands, Nigel has been treasurer to the British Federation of Brass Bands and Brass Bands England, on the panel (and TV!)  for the All Parliamentary Group for Brass Bands, and auditor to the European Brass Band Association. Nigel retired as full time conductor of Tewkesbury Town Band in January 2020.

David Britton

Awarded in September 2019 for 65 years service

Monmouth Town Band

Robert Toomer

Awarded in September 2019 for 65 years service

Monmouth Town Band

Tom Fryer

Awarded in September 2018 for 47 years service

Monmouth Band

Kevin Ford

Lydney Town Band

Awarded in 2016 for 50 years' service

Kevin started playing at the age of 8 in 1963 on cornet with Potterswood (Kingswood) Band under Herbert Sevier. With encouragement from Jim Scott he was promoted to Solo Horn in 1969 with great success at solo and quartet contests. In 1974 he was invited to join Stanshawe (Bristol) Band on 1st Horn. He joined Lydbrook Band in 1990 before moving to Lydney Town Band in 1993.  After 12 years playing Solo Horn he took up the baton, running a successful Training Band with his wife Kerry. He continues to conduct and occasionally plays when helping out local bands.

Mike James

Awarded at FoD College Annual Contest, 2011

Mike began his tuition aged 9 on Eb Bass, taught by Stuart Harris of Drybrook Band. He remembers that if he played the C scale correctly he was given 3d. From Bass he moved to 2nd Horn and then 2nd Trombone, a position he held in all future bands. He has many memories of German tours with Forest of Dean Youth Band under such as Cecil Chappell, Robert Morgan and Geoffrey Brand. Emigrating to Australia, Mike joined City of Perth, winning the Australian Nation Championships. On his return to Britain, he joined Championship Bands Cinderford, Soundwell Swanbrook, and finally Yorkley Onward, becoming Chairman. Invited on Flowers Band's 1989 tour of Austria along with Brett Baker and Steve Jones, he signed on trombone. Still with the band Mike is now Chairman having been Band Manager for many years. Mike has been a longstanding member of GBBA and WEBBA committees and was a member of the former BFBB committee where an outstanding memory was working with the European Youth Band in Birmingham.

Pat Etherton

Awarded in 2007 for 50 years service

Pat, who was a popular character in the band movement in Gloucestershire and beyond, played bass trombone for Chalford Band for 44 years and Wotton-under-Edge Band for the past 11 years. Pat was famous for playing his bass trombone left handed, although he was right handed at everything else. He is be best remembered for his sense of humour and his ability to tell jokes and anecdotes virtually non-stop. He took part in six National Finals.

Yvonne Hamblin

Awarded in 2005 for 50 years service

Lydbrook Band

Yvonne Hamblin passed away in 2019 and was one of the longest serving and most dedicated members of Lydbrook Band. Yvonne started playing with the band when she was just 10 years old and ever since has been an integral part of the senior and training band, still playing to a high level in the championship section as well as supporting and mentoring new starters. She was a true bandsman, never missing a rehearsal. In 2005 she earned the title of ‘First Lady of Lydbrook Band’ as she received her 50-year service award from the Gloucestershire Brass Band Association, and in 2017 was awarded the Trefor Evans Memorial Trophy as Lydbrook Bandsman of the Year. Yvonne would often be seen helping out various local bands throughout the summer months and is still sorely missed by her banding family.

Robin Cawley

Awarded for 50 years service in November 2001

Lydney Town Band

Robin started banding in 1951, aged 11, with Parkend Silver Prize Band, learning to play the baritone and later the Euphonium.  He remained with Parkend until the band disbanded in the late 1960s. He joined Pillowell Band for a short period before joining Lydney Town Band in 1971 on Eb Bass. Robin has played in all sections, achieving Championship status 1996 under Bryan Hurdley. During his time at Lydney Band he held a number of positions, including Secretary and Vice President. He retired in 2016 after 65 years banding with Lydney Senior Band and assisting the Lydney Training Band. Continuing to take a keen interest in both the Senior and Training bands, Robin still pops into Lydney band room for a listen.

Des Yeates

Awarded for 50 years service in November 2001

Lydney Town Band

Des started his playing with Lydney Town Band in the 1950s.  He moved a number of times in the following years playing with other bands in the Forest of Dean – Cinderford, Pillowell and Lydbrook. In the mid 1980s he re-joined Lydney Town Band and was a key member playing with both the Town Band and the Training Band. His interests in photography and singing in local choirs spilled over into banding and was often heard in band concerts with his ‘sing-a-longs’. Des proudly received his 50 year Service to Banding Certificate from the GBBA in November 2001. Des retired in 2012 after an illustrious career with Lydney Band.

Robert Morgan

Lydbrook Town Band

Ken Powell

Awarded for 50 years service

Lydney Town Band

Ken started playing at the age of 9 at Pillowell Band in 1962, joining his older brother Roger who also played in the band. Ken moved to Lydney band at the age of 11 when Pillowell Band unfortunately folded. It was at Lydney Band in 1973 that Ken met his wife Elaine who was a horn player in the band. He has played in all Sections including the Championship, enjoying several first places in the area contests in the lower sections and a memorable second place at the National Finals Third Section Championships in London in 1988. Ken started teaching youngsters to play a brass instrument in Lydney Junior Band in 1987 when his daughter, Trudi, wanted to learn which was followed later by his son. This was followed by Ken teaching his two grandchildren many years later. Ken's work with the very beginners of the band continues to be the mainstay of the successful Lydney Starter and Training Bands.

Roger Powell

Awarded for 50 years service

Lydney Town Band

Roger started playing with Pillowell band in 1957.  When they folded in 1962, he joined Lydney Band, and is still there. Roger has had many successes with Lydney Band, achieving Championship status a few times including playing at eight national finals between 1966 and 2016. A particular highlight was in 1988 when the band achieved 2nd place at the National finals in the 3rd section under Andrew White. Roger started tutoring youngsters in 1980 because his son Daryl wanted to learn. Daryl is now a Major in The Royal Marine Band. Roger has  tutored many more youngsters over the years, in particular well known cornet player and conductor Chris Howley and Steve Gatfield who went on to join the Grenadier Guards. Roger's enjoyment of teaching youngsters continues and, together with his brother Ken, is key to the ongoing success of Lydney Training Band.

Brian White

Lydney Town Band

Brian White was a stalwart of Lydney Town Band and played for the band for many years, for the most part on EEb and BBb Bass. During his association with the band, he was instrumental in the band achieving many important milestones. Firstly, he worked at Lydmet Foundry and was a key member of getting sponsorship from the company. This gave rise to a successful period in the band's history such as achieving Championship status in the nineties. Secondly, Brian was a key instigator of the creation of the band's successful Training Band in 2005 and supported both bands over the years that followed. He was loved by all who knew him and was known affectionately by many in the band as 'Uncle Brian'.  His legacy continues as the band strives to live up to his ideals.

Fred Pensom

Fred began banding with Parkend Silver in 1972. From 1973 to 2015 he was an Eb Bass player and continued to be very active, working tirelessly for the band, helping with the learners and finding the strength to sort things if he could until his passing in 2017. As a representative of Parkend Fred served on the GBBA Committee as a general member, then an executive member attending meetings in Birmingham as the GBBA BFBB representative with the late Ken Nelmes. For many years he helped on registration with his wife Frances in both Bristol and Torquay for the West of England Area, as well as at the GBBA Contest held at Five Acres, and sometimes at the Stroud Subscription Rooms, loving every minute of it.

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