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Benefits of GBBA Membership

£40 per annum

Find out what the GBBA can do for you and your band!



GBBA can extend your band's reach on social media by posting and sharing member band events and information across the website and Facebook.  GBBA also have designated spaces for band events on the website events page and Facebook page.


GBBA has affiliations with Gloucestershire Music (GM) and Brass Bands England (BBE), which gives you access to playing and conducting workshops, important information about safe-guarding and data policies with templates to help your band develop and run smoothly.


GBBA runs an annual Own Choice March and Test Piece during November for everyone to compete in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. There are over 15 prizes available plus up to £200 for winning bands! The contest caters for all sections: Championship to Fourth Section, Unregistered, and Youth bands. GBBA member bands can enter for a reduced fee too!


GBBA represent you at both Kapitol and WEBBA (West of England Brass Band Association) meetings to voice your feedback, opinions, questions, and concerns, as well as give support to your appeals.

Member benefits


GBBA hold an annual general meeting to reflect on the year's successes and plan next steps to continue improving the association. A forum for all member bands is also held that offers the opportunity for you to voice your thoughts and ideas about what you would like to see GBBA do in the future.


GBBA provide funding for member band projects and events, and are particularly keen on supporting youth players at National level, e.g. NYBBGB, NYBBW and NYO.


Browse the WEBBA's online library and access scores across music genres. Free for members!


It's easy to join the GBBA. Please get in touch with GBBA Secretary Karin Lythell  for more information and to sign up!

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