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Lydbrook strengthen their ranks...

Lydbrook Band are thrilled to announce the appointment of Gareth Ritter as their new conductor.

Gareth has an impressive history of contesting success, and this is a trend that Lydbrook Band are very much hoping will continue as they embark on their new relationship.

Alongside conducting Lydbrook, Gareth remains conductor with Ebbw Valley Brass, a band he has helped to progress through the sections over the last 10 years.

Gareth’s success has already continued into 2023 with a win for Ebbw Valley Brass at the recent Welsh Open contest.

Following this achievement, Lydbrook Band are delighted to be celebrating a win at their debut performance with Gareth at the Oxfordshire & District Brass Band Association contest.

Ahead of the area contest next month, Lydbrook Band have strengthened their ranks, welcoming a number of new players, from new faces in the band room, to past members relocating back to Gloucestershire. They are also proud to see several players from their thriving training band moving up to become part of the senior band.

In response to his new appointment, Gareth said “I am really looking forward to working with the wealth of experience at Lydbrook and helping to build the band for the future”.

2023 is Lydbrook Band’s centenary. With a full programme of concerts, a tour planned and with Gareth at the helm, they are truly excited about the year ahead.

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