Deps Database

Deps Database - GBBA were made aware at the recent AGM that some bands have not been able to take on jobs as they are not yet back to full strength and others need a little help with Covid still hitting. Some bands keep their own little black book but there are players who would be only too willing to help if they were known about. If you are willing to Dep please ask your Band Secretary for the Deps Database Form or send the required details to karinlythell@yahoo.co.uk. Only the instrument/band/section will be posted on the website. GBBA Band Secretaries will be able to ask for contact details for a particular instrument and as per the GDPR Statement below Deps may withdraw their information at any time from the database.

GDPR Statement

GBBA propose the Deps Database to be kept by the Secretary for the purpose of member bands being able to fill seats for concerts during this difficult time of rebuilding post Covid.

Deps may withdraw their information at any time by contacting the GBBA Secretary karinlythell@yahoo.co.uk


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