Weekly Watch Party with Flowers Band!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Every Wednesday night, at 19:30 Flowers will host a watch party. This will appear as a live video premier on their Facebook page. The video will be taken from a contest or concert performance from the Flowers’ archive. All are welcome to watch.

This post lists the videos that have been released up to 26.08.2020, and will be periodically updated with the newest releases so you can check back in later without missing out!

Brass in Concert 2019 (26.08.2020)

Tonight, we are sharing our performance from Brass in Concert 2019! At the contest, the band performed a new set titled “Captain Nemo’s Forgotten Journal”, claiming 3rd place at BiC and 1st Place at Butlins Entertainment Contest. Featuring music by Dan Price, Christopher Bond - Composer and Paul Saggers - Composer. Thank you to World of Brass for allowing us to hold this watch party!

While the live video is no longer available, it came with an important announcement that WoB will soon be starting a brand new streaming service with 100s of hours of brass audio and video content. Keep your eyes peeled!

The Cossack - William Rimmer (19.08.2020)

This week, for our Watch Wednesday we are sharing what has become a 'signature' march for the band, The Cossack by William Rimmer. This performance is taken from the French Open 2019, from the lovely surroundings of Amboise. Hope you enjoy the winning performance of 'The Cossack'!

Da Vinci - Ludovic Neurohr (12.08.2020)

Tonight, we are sharing our winning performance of Ludovic Neurohr's 'Da Vinci' from the French Open in 2016. At the contest, the band claimed 1st place in the test piece and march, as well as David Childs bringing home the award for best soloist.

Songs of Ascent - Jonathan Bates (05.08.2020)

To start us off, we are going to be sharing our winning performance of Jonathan Bates', Songs of Ascent, from Butlins 2020. Featuring our star solo horn, Emily Evans, who won the best instrumentalist prize for her fantastic solo.

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