There is no lockdown on playing music!

Updated: Apr 16

Coronavirus may have put a dampener on what we can do out and about but our instruments are still with us at home. Keep playing music! Music has a wonderful way of lifting everybody's spirits.

Young musicians - whilst there is no school on, now is a great time to practice and learn something new. Why not get your instrument out of its case and have some fun?

Play some solos with a backing track accompaniment or some duets with your family. Phil Storer from Gloucestershire Music has shared some junior duet music (you can also just play the solo line) and backing tracks. Why not have a go? Download the music (pdf) from our page with Coronavirus advice and music to play during Lockdown and play along to the backing tracks here.

Young and experienced musicians: Play for your NHS! There has been a call for musicians - yes, brass players, that includes you - to play 'Over the rainbow' (from Wizard of Oz) on Thursdays at 8pm. Join with fellow musicians across the country and#playforyournhsheroes at 8pm on Thursdays. #somewhereovertherainbownhs in G Major (concert pitch), which is A major for Bb instruments and E major for Eb instruments. Why not video your efforts and tag us in your social media?

Happy tooting!

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