Keeping the beat at Filton CPR Training

Before Filton Concert Brass' rehearsal on Monday night on 23rd September, members of the band and guests undertook a CPR training session with Keith Lewis of Response Care Training. Participants learned a variety of techniques to respond to emergency situations, such as responding to choking in adults, children, and babies, the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest, how to correctly perform chest compressions and rescue breaths, and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator.

Ian Holmes introduces the session

The CPR training session was inspired by a rehearsal earlier in the year when guest conductor Ian Holmes went into cardiac arrest, and members of the band successfully performed CPR until an ambulance arrived. Thankfully, Ian is recovering very well, and introduced the training session, emphasising the importance of raising awareness of cardiac arrests and practicing CPR: "I am the embodiment of being saved by CPR and I am here to tell the tale and I am very, very fortunate."

BBC Radio Bristol reported the event. Listen now on demand here. Ian Holmes talks about his experience (38mins), "I came to conduct Filton Band. We ran the piece through and then I remember having a very strange sensation, which is basically when I collapsed." He explains, "Three members of the band gave me CPR in the band room, which saved my life and kept me going until the ambulance service arrived and then they used a defibrillator on me to bring my heart back to life."

Learning how to use an Automated External Defibrillator

Liz Lane, wife of Ian, says that, "If it hadn't have been for Anthony, Craig, and Ralph and the rest of the band, I'm sure he wouldn't be here." Liz explains that Ian is recovering well (1hr 38 mins), "he is back conducting and has gone to Spain for a break, and is picking up pieces of his life again." She describes her view of events, "I had a phone call from Anthony, the band's principal euphonium, who kept me very calm. I do know that three members of the band all did CPR for Ian and the paramedics go there quickly, and he was very very lucky that his life was rescued by them. The training session on Monday has given more people the opportunity to know how to save a life. I have learnt that anyone can save a life."

To find out more, contact the South West Ambulance Service, or go to the Resuscitation Council website for more details.

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