Keep playing during lockdown

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

As a brass band community that thrives on coming together to play, lockdown may have appeared as a real challenge to our way of life. However, brass players all over the country have taken to technology to record, multi-track, and share their music without stepping out the door - and GBBA member bands are no different!

There have been many fantastic performances - solos and ensembles - from GBBA member bands during lockdown. We have shared a selection below for your enjoyment, and to serve as a reminder that lockdown does not mean a lock down on music and that we can still play together despite being miles apart.

Not featured below? Get in touch with GBBA and send us your videos and news so we can share them with others. Keep playing!

Why not register for the virtual Pershore Midsummer Brass 2020, or watch the festival on their YouTube channel, here?

Pheonix Brass Band - Loyal and True, dedicated to David Watson

Flowers Band - Cornet soloist Luke Barker performs for NHS Clap

City of Bristol Brass Band - Wallace & Gromit Theme Tune

Forest of Dean Brass - Land of Hope and Glory, 75th Anniversary VE Day

Forest of Dean Brass - You'll Never Walk Alone, Colonel Tom Moore 100th Birthday

Wotton Silver Band - Cathedral on the Hill

Who knew playing on a teapot could sound that good?! Excellent tribute performance for their 'Wotton Hill' concert. Read more here.

Lydney Town and Training Band - Shut Up and Dance

Flowers Band have also been busy sharing a series of masterclasses that focus on playing skills and styles presented by key experienced players in the band. Read more about this here.

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