GBBA showcases Virtual Festival

From Tuesday 12th January 2021 at 6pm, the GBBA will share a series of showcases of the contest performances from their YouTube channel.

The Showcase Series will run from Tuesday 12th to Sunday 17th from 6pm, with each showcase celebrating performances from each class of the competition. You can watch the showcase premiere every day on GBBA's YouTube channel.

The programme looks like this, including links to each class showcase:

Tuesday 12th - Class A: 11 and Under Solo, and Class D: Open Percussion Solo

- https://youtu.be/O-pEALF7cug

Wednesday 13th - Class B: 12 to 14 Solo

- https://youtu.be/aGuD1FrOcGo

Thursday 14th - Class C: 15 to 17 Solo

- https://youtu.be/I6gb3OU6aNQ

Friday 15th - Class E: Open Slow Melody Solo

- https://youtu.be/VyJOuPOMOpc

Saturday 16th - Class F: Open Air Varie and Technical Solo

- https://youtu.be/Y9J4lD21G8I

Sunday 17th - Class G: Open Ensemble (including duets, quintets, sextets, and band)

- https://youtu.be/Hutk8T1ej38

There is plenty to look forward to, so please tune in to GBBA's YouTube channel at 6pm every day from Tuesday 12th. GBBA hope you enjoy the Showcase Series, and congratulate all prizewinners and contestants for taking part.

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