GBBA opens Virtual Festival contest to all brass and percussion players

Why has the GBBA decided to established this new contest?

The GBBA are keen to support its members and the brass band movement in keeping the spirit of banding alive. GBBA hope that this friendly festival and community competition will encourage you to keep playing during lockdown and enjoy the music we make and love. Keep playing music. Keep banding going.

GBBA are still working behind the scenes to support its members and even though we don’t shout about it that much, we want our members to know that we are still here to help them and support them through lockdown, through the Coronavirus pandemic, but also in general.

Who can enter?

All brass and percussion players can enter. It is free for those associated with a GBBA member band and £2.50 per entry for non-members. This money will go towards future projects run by the GBBA for brass banders.

What are the contest categories?

Age should be as at 1st November 2020. Pieces should not exceed the maximum time limit, in order to enable us to organise the entries that we can then broadcast as contest performances after the entries have been adjudicated.

  • Class A 11 and Under Solo - 5 minutes

  • Class B 12 to 14 Solo - 5 minutes

  • Class C 15 to 17 Solo - 5 minutes

  • Class D Open Percussion Solo - 5 minutes

  • Class E Open Slow Melody - 5 minutes

  • Class F Open Air Varie/Technical Solo - 7 minutes

  • Class G Open Ensemble (Duet, Q’tet, etc.) - 7 minutes

Ensemble entries can be made up of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 individuals, or can be made by the same individual/s using multi-track. The adjudicator is Dr. Brett Baker and feedback will be given to every entry.

Entries can be filmed using a phone or tablet - is that right?

As long as the entries are a digital video of a complete performance then it can be filmed on any device. As long as the files sent in can be read by a Windows 10 XP computer then this is fine. Formats such as .mp4 and .mov are good. The videos should be filmed in landscape. The performances should be a complete run of their solo and no editing should take place for the solo categories so that it is as authentic and as fair as possible. We understand that at the moment in lockdown, distanced videos will have to take place for duets and ensembles and minimal editing will be necessary to piece these together to play at the same time, which is absolutely fine.

If people have videos they have already made, can they submit these or does it have to be brand new?

We aim to encourage as many people as possible to keep playing. Challenging yourself during lockdown on playing a new piece would be preferable but we understand that some may not be able to do this and that using something they have filmed already or past entries they have done can be used. It is all about encouragement and inclusion to keep banding going and to keep playing during lockdown.

How will the ensemble category work with social distancing?

During lockdown, we cannot meet, but a distanced banding video will be great. If we are allowed to meet to play together after lockdown then we expect all entries to observe social distancing rules and the guidelines set out by the Government at the time of the entry, e.g. if it is a maximum of six playing together then this needs to be adhered to. But GBBA are also happy to receive entries that are a combination of these, e.g. if you and your partner want to play together at home and also with a distanced performance with other members of a band, this can be done.

Entry details

Each entry is FREE for members and £2.50 per entry for non-members. All entries should be made as a video in landscape orientation and sent to GBBA via email or WeTransfer (www.wetransfer.com) to glosbba@gmail.com. Entries will be accepted from 1st November 2020 to 14th December 2020. Keep playing music. Keep banding going.

Details of competitor: NAME(S), BAND, CLASS, AGE (if under 18), PIECE and COMPOSER is required to be entered within the narrative of the entry at submission. Please include a contact email address and/or the contact email address of Parent/Guardian if the performer is under 18. Limit of one entry per Class. There are prizes for the winner and runner-up for each category.

Please read the entry guidelines before making your entry.

For more information, please visit our Contests page.

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