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GBBA bands mapped out on the website

The GBBA has updated its map of GBBA member bands and training bands. The respective interactive maps enable viewers to see where GBBA band rehearsal spaces are situated.

The maps include GBBA member bands from Championship Section to youth and non-contesting bands from the counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, and Worcestershire and surrounding areas.

View the map for GBBA member bands here, and GBBA member training bands here.

It is hoped that the maps will be useful to prospective players looking to join a band in their local area or for those looking for training opportunities to learn a brass instrument at one of the training bands. Working with the Brass Bands England Youth Specialist Paul McLaughlin, the GBBA are improving the visibility and awareness of the bands with the public to increase recruitment rates and youth and learner music opportunities.

Is your band not on the map? You may not have provided us with the address of your rehearsal space. Please contact the GBBA Secretary Karin Lythell via email

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