Flowers Band Masterclass Series during Lockdown

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Flowers Band have released a video series of solos and top tips from their principal players, as well as asking other brass players to send in their own solos for expert feedback.

Flowers wanted to do something different from now-standard social distance banding video and that would allow bandsmen worldwide to join in by sending in their own videos of solos to be featured. The video series features section principals and a few others, giving advice on a variety of different aspects of playing.

This post lists the videos that have been released up to 08.07.2020, and will be periodically updated with the newest releases so you can check back in later without missing out!

Flowers Masterclass No. 6 - Jamie Nuss (Percussionist)

Jamie demonstrates excerpts from the 1st Percussion part of Thierry Deleruyelle's 'Fraternity', and discusses technique, sticking, and interpretation for the piece.

More about Jamie:

Jamie began his musical journey in his hometown of Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia. He was introduced to playing in brass bands by his father and they both played percussion for the Toowoomba Municipal Bands. Jamie went on to study music at the University of Southern Queensland and was heavily involved in his local community both in a teaching and performing capacity. Jamie relocated to the UK in 2014 after being offered a position with The Cory Band where he played for two years before joining the British Army as a full time Musician in 2016. He has since had the privilege of performing in world-class concert venues throughout the UK, Europe, North America and Africa. Jamie is currently assigned to British Army Band Tidworth and joined the Flowers Band in May 2019.

Flowers Masterclass No. 5 - Rob Wilshaw (Principal Trombone)

Flowers Masterclass No. 4 - Coco Chan (Percussion)

Flowers Masterclass Submissions - Solitaire

Soprano cornet players submitted their performances of Solitaire after Paul Richards' demonstration (video 1 of the series). Enjoy a compilation of their playing in this video.

Flowers Masterclass No. 3 - Nabil El Bark (Percussion)

Flowers are calling for any tuned percussionists to send in a performance of any solo or test piece to be featured in one of their next videos in the series.

Flowers Masterclass No. 2 - Matt Rowe (Principal Euphonium)

Flowers Masterclass - Paul Richards (Soprano Cornet)

Over The Rainbow - Emily Evans (Tenor Horn Soloist)

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