Send us your band photos!

The GBBA are currently developing a new area of the website that will give members exclusive access to content such as the GBBA Support Fund, the Minutes Archive of all GBBA committee meetings, and the GBBA Newsletter. During this process, the website in general will receive an update of content. As part of this update, the GBBA are asking their member bands to send in photographs in JPEG or PNG format to glosbba@gmail.com.

How will the photographs be used?

The photographs will be periodically added to the website in the interest of promoting the GBBA member bands. The photographs will be used to update the gallery on the homepage, used as accompanying images to information pages on the website (e.g. About, Contests, and News) that are publicly accessible, and to also feature in the exclusive member area of the website too!

Will the photographs be modified in any way?

The photographs submitted to the GBBA will be carefully selected to show their member bands in the best light, and will accompany appropriate content on the website. For the majority of quality photographs, no modifications will be made to the originals. The photographs will be reproduced on the website with only minor modifications if necessary. These modifications include: light corrections, filters to facilitate easier viewing, and cropping to appropriately frame and fit the photograph in its designated setting.

Will images be credited?

Should member bands wish to have their photographs credited, the GBBA can include captions under the photograph and have a list of photograph accreditation that will feature at the bottom of the appropriate page, linking to the band's website. Should member bands wish to include additional detail about who took the photograph, this information can also be included in the accreditation list.

What should the photographs look like?

The GBBA are open to considering any kind of photograph sent in by a member band provided it features the said member band, its players, or an important event or achievement of the band. The GBBA ask that the photographs submitted be of a reasonable quality so as to present their member bands in the best light. Some sample photographs are given below to give some ideas as to what member bands can submit: (from left to right) full band contesting, brass section, brass section close up, entertainments contest or solo/feature performance, training or development activity, professional photograph with copyright permission granted for reuse, drum kit close up (artistic photograph), and brass instrument close up (artistic photograph).

How do member bands submit their photographs to GBBA?

GBBA kindly thanks all member bands who submit their photographs to the GBBA Webmaster - glosbba@gmail.com - or to the GBBA Secretary - karinlythell@yahoo.co.uk. Ideally, these photographs should be in JPEG or PNG format. Photographs can be submitted any time and the invitation to send photographs to GBBA to use on the website is open and ongoing.


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