It is feared that the Gloucestershire Brass Band Association (GBBA) will cease to exist if member bands no longer wish to support the activities provided. The committee is going in the direction of 'USE IT OR LOSE IT'. Three GBBA committee members have already tended their resignations in frustration. We need your constructive ideas or criticisms to help improve what the GBBA can provide for banding in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties!

The GBBA Committee currently covers :

  1. Running 2 contests a year in an excellent venue with quality adjudicators - Own Choice and Entertainment.

  2. Representation on the West Of England Council who run the WofE Area contest thus ensuring all issues and concerns are raised appropriately.

  3. Monetary support is provided to support young individuals attending National Youth Band courses such as NYBBGB, NYBB of Wales & EYBB.

Regular meetings are held with an open invitation to all member bands. Recently, useful presentations have been organised and links created ....

  1. To assist Bands on fundraising through BBE and Gloucestershire Music

  2. Maximising the young talent in the local training Bands with opportunities to work alongside professional musicians in a variety of genres.

  3. Close links have been forged with Gloucestershire Music (the local Education Services Centre) who have funded and supported workshops including providing top Bands and conductors.

Questionnaires and letters have been sent to member bands to gain feedback about the provided activities. However, a limited number of responses were received! So the committee are asking for MORE constructive ideas or criticisms to improve the services of the Association. Please get in touch!

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