Remembering the 10th Anniversary of the Trefor Evans trust - and much has been achieved

It has now been 10 years since we sadly lost Trefor Evans. Trefor worked for GM as a woodwind technician and was a great supporter of Lydbrook Band. It was the day after returning from a band trip to Lithuania that he passed away from the effects of epilepsy. In his memory his partner Jo Millin, established the Trevor Evans Trust to support the young musicians they had met in Lithuania. 10 years later the memory of Trefor is still alive and much has been achieved with sending music and instruments to Lithuania as well as 15 visits from Steve Legge who continues to support the trust by helping with teacher training, promotion and making links to UK soloists and conductors who visit the country to inspire their young musicians.

On Friday 30th September, Steven will make his 16th trip along with three members of Lydbrook Band (Robert Morgan, Philip Storer and Paul McLaughlin) to help mark the 10th Anniversary of the Trust being established.

Steven will also be presenting a short recital of trombone music on Saturday 24th September in support of the Trust.

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